I’m Mariela, nice to meet you!    

It feels like I have been longing for the freedom of an online business forever. For the last 4 years,  I have been learning all I could about online marketing and building a business while riding my bike to and from work (I would only purchase an online course if it offered mp3s!). And then, after coming home from my job as a Project Manager and Consultant with the biggest airplane manufacturer in the world, I would sit for some more hours, do the homework and put my knowledge to work.

When my fiancé started his photography business a couple of years ago, he desperately needed a website. So I researched WordPress vs. Squarespace vs. Wix, and compared themes and hosting companies and decided to learn WordPress (from the most amazing WordPress teacher in the world) and use the Divi Theme for it. Best decision ever! Now I have built many sites, and I am amazed how modern and professional looking the websites turn out. (And to tell you the truth, I am having tons of fun while doing it!)

Combine my website skills with my extensive knowledge in copywriting, list building, social media (did I mention I took Social Media Managers School?), personal branding (also a proud alumn of Ms Jenna Soard at YouCanBrand.com), and many other fun tech things like digital course creation and set-up, e-mail marketing set-up and much, much more, and you have the perfect recipe for a one-stop-shop website creation professional that will guide you through the whole process. Are you ready for us – YOU AND ME – to create the website you deserve and that will propel your business to the next level? Then hit the button below and let us talk!